Lavender Sterilizer

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Keep this delicious smelling hand sanitizer in your bag or car and be sure to keep safe while still experiencing a pleasant smell. Alcohol based sterilizer, made with with just a bit of glycerin and lavender infusion to be gentle enough on the hands, but not leaving them sticky.

The Little Indy Soap Shack has had so many sterilizer compliments. Here’s why: All commercial sterilizers are made from petrochemical alcohols. A natural skin care maker’s biggest challenge is to avoid petrol/petrolatum products and instead use products from a renewable source. This is clearly understood when we talk about creams, but very few people have understood this when we talk about alcohol sterilizers. To make a renewable source alcohol, one has to use fermented alcohols from a plant source. The same principles apply to natural sterilizers as do to all other natural skin care products. Use soap in the home and sterilizers sparingly if you have to leave the house – it is a luxury item. Leave the Sasol alcohol sterilizers for the hospitals to use, they need it more.

Can be used to clean tablet and phone screens.

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