Our Story

Rouse: to get up, become active and energetic.

And that’s exactly our plan for incredibly talented women who need a little help to empower themselves and reach markets otherwise inaccessible to them.

As anyone who knows me would easily attest to, I love trying new hobbies and have a taste for anything crafty. One day I brought home some t-shirt yarn and, on a whim tried my hand at crochet, turns out, I was terrible but determined to make my cats a basket.A few days later, our wonderful helper Janet arrived to our house and saw my attempt- she laughed and said she would teach me how to crochet.

I went to work and came home to the most beautiful spiral sitting on the dining room table she had whipped up while I was away. Just before lockdown, Janet called and asked if she could collect some more yarn as she didn’t want to end up being bored stuck at home. She returned in level 3 lockdown with the most beautiful bathmats and asked if I could sell them for her. Roused was born and we now have two more ladies on board, as well as a bunch of other crafty products!

Our aim is to empower women to either make, or supplement their income to provide for their retirement through spending their time doing something they love!

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